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His love was a deep mercurial thing and once committed he was a tenacious friend as so many in Nashville and Phoenix, L. I don't know exactly why, maybe it was a release from the intensity of the rest of the night. Eventually, bigger venues offering bigger paydays began to lure the most popular performers away from Leo's Casino.

Unfamiliar music played through the shop sound system. Leos casino owner Leo Frank: The location became ground zero for the rising s music scene that came through the city lwos the go-to spot for Motown acts en route to conquering America. Leos casino vibe changed as the acts became stars: Twenty years ago, the Whites built a summer home here in Montana and now spend the entire fishing season here. I had an idea. Adding to the tension—to the thrills—was Diddley's and his band's very late arrival at the Armory.

Leo's Casino. Address: Euclid Avenue. City: Cleveland. Region: Ohio. Country: USA. Opened: Closed: Capacity: Associated Venues. Leo's Casino was the first stop for the excellent performing artists who went on the road from Detroit. Many of. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- There was just something about this dark basement club at Euclid Avenue. But Cleveland's historic nightclub Leo's Casino was about more than music -- even when acts such as the Supremes were using the stage as a springboard to stardom. "The idea of bringing.

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